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Xmas for my littles Date: Nov 11th @ 10:45am EST
Guys its been a difficult year for me, as some know I suffered a stroke early this year and its been difficult for my little ones, they have taken care of me our home and themselves far to soon in life.

From now till December 15th I'm trying my hardest to do well on cam . Please support me in anyway you can. Spoil me and I'll spoil you right back!
Sunday Funday! Date: Feb 11th @ 11:04am EST
Raffle! Date: Feb 9th @ 1:33pm EST
Valentine's raffle! Daily raffle and mega Raffle! 1 candy heart 1 ticket for 10 min pvt and free fan club, Flood of 7 candy hearts 7 tickets! Mega raffle at end of contest for 60 min pvt and fan club . 1 place of mega 60 pvt, 2 30 and 3rd 15 free pvt mins. GOOD LUCK. KISSES
New Year goals! Date: Jan 8th @ 12:42am EST
So every year resolutions are made, instead let's make a achievement goal of winning one contest a month and 100,000 credits a month! That's my goal for my family's home!

What some of your goals this year?

What new naughty pleasure can we explore?ð'
Question of the day? What's the craziest thing you ate yesterday? Date: Nov 24th @ 9:42am EST
How was Thanksgiving?
Black Friday Deals Date: Nov 24th @ 9:40am EST
Happy Black Friday, today I'll be having some awesome Black Friday Deals. Take advantage of my Deal Code. 10min pvt gets you 5 free mins! 1000 credit tip or Flood gets free fan club and 10 mins free pvt!5,000 credit tip gets custom video, free fan club and 60 min pvt. Let's get so naughty and make eachother feel great!
Saturday Date: Sep 23rd @ 12:27pm EDT
Its My Birthday Date: Sep 2nd @ 1:16pm EDT
So I woke up this morning with every intention of working but then I got offered birthday Eggs Benedict. Who can say no to that! See you all soon though.
It's been a hard week Date: Aug 30th @ 7:18pm EDT
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